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  • Do you use a contract?
    Glad you asked! Yes, I always use a contract, just to make sure we're on the same page about everything related to your photoshoot: the time and place, what you're expecting, usage rights, social media credit, and all the rest, from whether or not flash is OK, to what happens if we have to reschedule. Using a contract is totally run-of-the-mill for us photographers and it simply helps to lay out expectations for both parties. If you have any questions or queries about yours, please don't hesitate to ask!
  • Are you insured?
    I sure am! I'm fully covered with public liability and private indemnity insurance.
  • How will I get my photos? How long will it take?
    I guarantee that your photos will be with you within two weeks, delivered by a password-protected online gallery (weddings excepted; they need a bit more TLC!) But in reality, I usually deliver photos within 2-5 days. If quick delivery is important to you, please let me know and we can chat about it in advance. For theatre & performance work where time is of the essence, I'll have at least some of your photos with you within 12-24 hours for best marketing use.
  • What equipment do you use?
    My day to day camera is a much-loved Sony A7, which I use with a variety of lenses, my favourite of which are wide-angle primes. A Sony 50mm 1.8, a Sony 28mm 2.8, and a Minolta 28mm 2.8 go with me everywhere. If I'm shooting your wedding, I'll be renting a Sony A7rII and a 24-70mm 2.8 GM lens for the big day - it's always good to have a spare!
  • So what kind of bookings are you available for?
    I've enjoyed doing so many different types of work, that I've struggled to focus on a niche and market myself more effectively (a dilemma many will be familiar with!) Call me a jack of all trades, I'm available for all of the following commissions (and have successful experience with all of the following) - Portrait sessions for social media, Linkedin, and dating profiles - Headshot sessions for actors, musicians, conductors, and authors - In-home or local portrait sessions to celebrate a new baby, or an engagement - Family occasions: engagement parties, birthday parties, christenings - Professional events: Q&A talks and book signings; conferences; workshops; wine tastings - Weddings Then there's my theatre & performance work! You can see more of that at I've photographed: - Rehearsals and live performance of plays, musicals, and dance - Open mic nights, comedy, and burlesque - Backstage documentary - Promotional material for musicians (e.g. Holly Redford-Jones and the acapella group, Out of the Blue)
  • What are your photos for exactly??
    Good question! Rather than focusing on a specific type of work, such as headshots or wedding photography, I cover many different types of commission all based around portraiture. The thread that holds all my work together is a love of authentic, respectful portraiture, that celebrates the everyday, and the once-in-a-lifetime. You might be contacting me because you're planning a party, are recently engaged, or simply feeling good about yourself and wanting to take the time to capture where you are in your life right now. Whether you want to use your photos for a family album, a dating profile, or anything other non-commercial use, is totally up to you!
  • How much do you charge?
    This varies, and it's based on a mix of factors including the type of commission, the number of people involved, how long it will take (on the day and subsequent editing), and the intended use of the photos. (If you're using them commercially or for any kind of promotion, you can expect to pay more!) To some extent, I'm also happy to work on a pay-what-you-can basis. Portrait sessions range from £50 - £200, and for events, I charge an hourly fee + travel expenses. For a two-hour event, you could expect to pay around £100 - £300. But if you already have a budget in mind, why not let me know and we can work something out together? If you're planning a wedding, get in touch for a quote! Expect around £600-£800 for a full day of coverage, from getting ready in the morning to cake-cutting and dancing into the night.
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