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Wandsworth Common portrait session - with Greta Landers

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Greta for a casual portrait session on my local green patch, Wandsworth Common. It was great to chat to Greta about her lines of work as a scenographer and industrial desginer, and as a Latin American chef! You can check out her websites here:

I was keen to meet on Wandsworth Common not only because it was super convenient for me, but because I had walked past a wedding being photographed there last month and was struck by how lovely it would be to take portraits around the lake. We met late morning on a really sunny day, which is far from ideal for photos - bright light makes people tense, and emphasises harsh shadows on the face. But we found some shady spots of dappled light under trees and the play of light and shade was really pretty, making for some gorgeous black and white photos. We had some more colourful moments at Prestige Café on Bellevue Road... scroll down for more!

I'm always wondering whether I should try and set up a tiny home studio in my kitchen or something, with a fold up backdrop and a few portable lights - I would love to have the setup to take really 'professional' looking headshots for actors, authors, and so on. But this was a nice reminder that with a bit of creativity and flexibility you can get pretty nice portraits anywhere, even if they're not super formal ones.

If you'd like to book a portrait session anywhere in London, just drop me an email at . These kind of portraits are perfect for business profiles, social media, dating apps... or simply taking the time to stop and celebrate where you are in your life right now. Thanks for reading! X


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